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NiHil News Now

February 8, 2009

NiHil News Now Season 3 NiHil News Now Season 4

Years earlier, for a health project, I created a cartoon to discuss the issues of drugs and alcohol. It was horrible as the animation wasn’t that great in quality. It was a News Cast.

The Anchor had a tiny dot on her mouth that would appear as she talked and disappeared when she was done. The characters couldn’t blink or move. And the Sports Anchor’s hair had a couple of motional issues. Yes, now as I worked more on the video, I was able to fix a few of these issues, but my friend joined in on the production and we realized that the show should not be informative but intellectually challenge.

It was called “Ninil News Now” at first because it was supposed to take place on a planet called Ninil (My friend and I had have very powerful imaginations. After taking Latin, (with the greatest Latin teacher in the world) we found out the word Nihil (with the H) means “nothing”. And thus, the show acquired its new name “NiHil News Now” keeping the “H” capitalized for emphatic effect. And thus, the show began to focus on ridicule.

Anyway, look forward to a new episode of “NiHil News Now”

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