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A Stressful Birthday

March 1, 2009

Have you ever had those days where you or someone starts a conversation with the word “so”? Suddenly I feel like doing so. So here you have it:

So my birthday is coming up—much faster than I had expected—and I would much rather just sleep than celebrate. I’ve been raised to not care much about my birthday. To me, it feels pointless: Wow I’ve been alive for some aught years now I must have presents. With this logic, I might as well have a present everyday. Well, I have reached that age, when presents aren’t such a big deal for me, so I’d prefer to just hang and chill 🙂 . It could just be that I’m stressed out with things going on in school; I tend to assume that if I’m stressed out now, I’ll be stressed out during my future plans. Haha. When I get tired, I begin to worry about the future. So it would be a bad idea for me to make posts here at 10pm, or you might just get depressing stories that shouldn’t have to exist.

The thing that makes this birthday annoying is that I have to make a decision on what I want to do immediately and I’m too preoccupied with now and things happening before my birthday. So maybe I’ll just lie down on my bed and listen to my magical iPod that can read minds (at least, it can read my mind). Hopefully when I’m done with that, I will be able to make my plans in time (if that’s what I truly want, of course).

SO (that’s probably about the 6th time I’ve said that word in this post), to all of those reading this post who are celebrating their birthday, I wish you a stress-less-and-Happy Birthday. 🙂

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