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Dark Chocolate 3

March 3, 2009

I expect this post to be short, for I haven’t really thought enough about this Dark Chocolate incident in much of a different way than I have already done.

Lately, I’ve been finally receiving closure with my crush, who just so happens to be Siène as seen in my previous post, “Smile”,. It’s more acceptance that this wouldn’t work out, rather than me giving up. I can’t change how I feel.

Anyway, Siène had come into school late and I had assumed that Siène wouldn’t be showing up in school at all (I would have seen Siène twice today in class). I was annoyingly sick today with a stomach bug and was thinking about going home early. It seemed like a good idea because, now that it seemed that Siène was going to be absent, I had nothing else to look for (except my amazing lunch group, which I would see again on Thursday). So, at the end of the class, I made a phone call for a ride to pick me up and as soon as I hung up, Siène was right there in front of me in the hallway with that quiet and unusual attitude. I became flustered and went upstairs to my next class, waiting for me to be called back down for dismissal.

And so—I guess this won’t be a short post after all—I went home sick and sleepy (I felt that if I used the word “tired” here, it might sound like the idiomatic expression, which isn’t how I felt). I woke up, and texted away (okay only two text messages but I felt so annoying). Siène didn’t seem to be troubled with the situation in the message I got back, and I actually felt happy with being just a friend.

I just hope all turns out well. Not just with the situation, but with this Dark Chocolate incident and life in general (well, I guess everyone wishes that then). The more of that piece of chocolate you eat, the less you seem to notice the bitterness.

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