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March 3, 2009

So, I wrote a poem for an English assignment using free-verse (although, apparently the lines were too short). The thing I love about poetry and music is that you can interpret them anyway you choose (that pretty much goes for everything creative). So… interpret:

The Rose
Standing tall, standing proud, standing free.
Free to live,
Expressing beauty.
Blossoming happily at me.
Day by day, I see the Rose.
The petals are vibrant in color
Day by day, the sun slips away.
Darkness conquers the day
The cold closes in
The wind sings its tune,
The lullaby for the Green.
Night by night, petals falling
Like Teardrops
Night by night
The crimson drains into the invisible intangible void.
Suddenly suppressed.
Yet patiently waiting for the Gold to return,
Like a long-lost relative.
Cold Comes in as Autumn approaches
The Rose
No longer tall, no longer free.
The Rose will Return,
Free to live, blossom, stand tall.
The Rose is always Proud.
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