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An Amazing Birthday On a Clear Night

March 9, 2009

I went to the Missy Higgins/Justin Nozuka/Lenka concert at Revolution Hall in Troy last night and had a blast. It was warmed up with Lenka, a wonderful Australian Pop singer, of whom you may have already heard. She filled the Hall with bouncy tunes that had you screaming for more when she finished.

Then Justin Nozuka followed her with a handful of his songs with his new band (2 years old). He applied some interesting vocal sounds to the show as his two back up guitarists wowed the audience with their mind-blowing solos.

And last, but not least, Missy Higgins entered the stage with a song that I have never heard before (perhaps it was a new song; I know all of her songs from her two albums) and I was dazzled. Missy Higgins was complaining about how the stage she was on was above the audience. She wished there was a way to remove the “barrier” between us and her and make it more like us sitting in a “living room” listening to some songs that she’s been working on. Unfortunately she was to be 5 feet taller than us for the rest of the concert, but that didn’t stop the performance from being a spectacle.

Unfortunately I did have to leave early because of that evil thing called school and only was able to listen to two and a half of her songs: The new one (I forgot the name), The River, and Angela, but I was completely satisfied with just seeing her up close. One day, I’ll get to see a full concert of her and I know I will be blown away with her magic that makes her one of my musical goddesses :-). I have to thank my brother for giving me this wonderful gift and my friend coming with me to witness this beauty.

Happy Birthday to all of those celebrating today 🙂

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