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And Along Arrived Ajai (Alliteration Ahaha!)

April 7, 2009

I have been told that this may have been too fast of a change, but it seems that Siène is officially out of my mind. (Something I thought I’d never say). However, someone new has entered my view and life has been slightly awkward since. Let’s call this person Ajai “just for giggles”, as my Chemistry teacher always says.

I seem to have this problem that when I like someone lately, I tend to actually tell them. It certainly beats beating myself up trying to hide it. But as you have probably inferred, I told Ajai. I am debating whether or not I should go into details about this situation because it might just give away the true identity of the Ajai (although, if I do things right, that shouldn’t happen.) Perhaps in a new blog series (similar to Dark Chocolate) I can elaborate on this story. So stay tuned. 😉

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