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One Big Wish

April 15, 2009

All my life, I’ve noticed that I’ve been missing one small aspect. One small form of affection and sympathy for which I would kill. A long, warm embrace. I have received many hugs my life (and one heart-pleasing one today from Ajai) but most of them are just greeting hugs, comic, forced, or just not right. I want one of those hugs where the other person comes from behind and wraps his or her arms around you. I want to be able to sit down in this embrace (almost as if I’m sitting in your lap, but not exactly…. you know what I mean?) and be able to cry or at least express… I want not to cry alone at night, hugging a pillow. No, I want someone to lean on. You don’t have to be a crush, or anything. Just a friend. Someone I could trust to hold me. This is my wish. Of all of the one’s I made, this is the one I want the most.

To all of those out there without a hug (it sounds so small but it means so much) I pray that my wish will come true in favor of you too. A terrible thing, this is.

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