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From Incandescence to Fluorescence

May 1, 2009

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see someone “under a new light”? For instance, whenever I walk down the hall to go to science, there is this hall monitor who just sits there. She never talks. She just sits there with a face that one could misinterpret to be a frown. But just two days ago, I was walking down that same hall at the end of the day and she wasn’t at her regular spot. I continued to walk down the hall and I saw this youthful woman with her headphones on happily walking down the hall. I looked at her as she passes by, and I swear she smiled. That simply brought joy to that day.

We are working on this project for school which requires full class participation and cooperation (two qualities our class does not lack) (I went a full paragraph with no parentheses) and the only senior in our class basically did all the organizing. However, as the designing power shifted over to two juniors in our class, that senior began to (as it seems) get bored. During the actual rehearsal of our performance this senior and another student would end up practicing freestyle jumps and other crazy stunts poorly relevant to the project. When I saw this person’s behavior, I saw a child, which isn’t bad at all in my mind. It’s just that I had never seen this side of this kid before; it was as if I was seeing him for the first time.

We are, as I and many people have said before, layered people. The outer layer is usually the first layer people see when they first meet someone, however that layer might not be the same as the inner layer and can give people the wrong impression. It takes trust and/or lack of negative self-consciousness to expose that inner layer to others, but when it is shown, you may surprise many.

I wonder if I’ve ever had that effect on others….

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