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May 11, 2009
Crab Apple Tree in Bloom

I have a set of crab apple trees in my yard. There are about three of them, varying in size. Every Spring, they would yield beautiful dark pink blossoms that would light up the yard for days. However, last Summer, we were told that the our trees have become diseased and are dying. So this Spring while expecting to see a tree of pink petals of pulchritude, only the smallest of the trees blossomed completely. The largest tree (the one that used to do all of the dazzling) was barely successful in yielding a handful of blossoms.

All was not lost quite then; a storm was approaching. The sun was being covered slowly by heavily grey clouds. This combination of vivacious blue, majestic gold, and mysterious grey left a perfect canvas for the vibrantly dark petals of the small crab apple tree to glow ever so potently. The grass had never been so green. Even (there I say it) the road look beautiful. The shadows made it seem as though it had been raining for hours and that the road was drenched.

Of course I was rather disappointed that the storm only lasted for about ten minutes and there wasn’t much thunder, but seeing rain after weeks of sun is like an ice cream to a sore throat (in my opinion). This story took place a few days ago, but this afternoon I saw dark clouds rolling in and I couldn’t help but remember this story.

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