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May 26, 2009

And so the story begins… I have finally created the theme song to my newest series, Karma.

Ashley Rithims is your typical teenage girl whose world is “coming to an end”. It’s as the saying goes, “One step forward, two steps back”, only with her, it’s three steps forward and one back. She could win a car and drive it around, but as soon as she opens the door and steps in a mud puddle, her life shatters. When she, one day, gets frustrated with these tragedies, she invites her friends over to perform a ritual to cleanse her Karma. However, it was never needing of cleansing and this selfish act soiled her once-clean Karma and the Karma of everyone around her. Each day, thereafter, Ashley experiences real (maybe surreal) tragedies to which she has yet to find a way to put a stop.

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