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June 13, 2009

So yesterday was the official unofficial last day of school for the 2008-2009 school year at my school. That is, yesterday was the last day of class (not counting the fact that we have finals going on in the next two weeks). As a Junior, I have lost the sense of looking at Summer vacation as a mark of the end of a school year. I have started to look at it as simply a long break during one long school year in which when I return, I will somehow become a Senior. This year, it felt as if the first day of school was only the first day back from a vacation such as Spring Break (which it was).

As soon as that bell rang (it’s more of a long beep in our school) yesterday afternoon, I began having this sense that “Hey, I’m a Senior now” and it was exciting and slightly frightening. I mean, I’ve been getting letters and emails from colleges lately and I can only be anxious to leave High School and move on up. However, I have many friends who are graduating Seniors as of this year and I cannot explain this feeling of dysphoria that is now left upon me.

As you move on up on the ladder of education, everything changes. You become more (or less) of an adult, say goodbye to old friends, say hello to new friends, and make difficult decisions, but you never forget (well you shouldn’t forget, that is) all that you have done or experienced in your past. Just because you’ve stepped up on your ladder does not mean you throw it away when you’re done with it. No, you put it back in your garage or shed and never lose it. As I become a Senior, as the Seniors leave High School, as Sophomores become Juniors, as Freshmen become Sophomores, as everyone elevates in this social system of learning, everyone writes a story that will be remembered forever.

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