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Seasons…of Love…?

June 24, 2009

There are so many lovely places in which to live across the country, but I choose to stay in the North. Here, we experience some of nature’s mighty marvels: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer; also known as the Seasons. It’s never too hot for too long or too wet (I could never get enough of the rain 🙂 ). With seasons, nothing is ever “too” long or “too” much. For instance, right now, we are in the warm season of Summer where temperatures rise between 80-90 degrees (in New York, that is.) At this moment, the temperature is 77 degrees with some pretty high humidity—a yucky combination. Actually, I passed out on my couch just a few moments ago and woke up all sluggish, irritated, and annoyingly sweaty. I looked on the forecast for the next two weeks and after this dreaded heat wave (well I don’t dread it but it’s not too fun either) we are supposed to be having a week of rain. The rain always cools things down especially after a long week of hot. (I’m sorry to all of you Southerners who experience temperatures in the 100s with extreme humidity— I’m a New Yorker; we do cold. 🙂 ).

Up in the North, it can get pretty cold, but only during those 3-4 months in that season we call Winter.
Autumn and Spring are the cool preparation for Winter and Summer respectively. They both show dramatic change in the plant life. In Autumn, the plants begin to fall asleep as they become dormant and loose their leaves and petals. In Spring, the plants wake up again from a nice hibernation and set themselves up for the sun by blossoming and pollinating for new plants. With seasons, we get quarter-annual change, and this consistent inconsistency is one of the many things that make me realize how beautiful Mother Nature really is.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 29, 2009 11:58 pm

    Yuck. I like the rain, but not during softball season. Rain outs are the bain of my existance. If states gets rained out this weekend I’m going to go crazy.

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