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Yeah. These are the Seasons of Love

July 18, 2009

So, (there I go again, starting a story with the word “so”) it’s July and I realize I haven’t made a post in over three weeks. Hmm… What to say?…… Ah!… Here goes:

In my previous post “Seasons…of Love…?” (Over three weeks ago), I wrote about the beauties of the Seasons. I also discussed how, at that time, we were experiencing a rather humid heat wave which was soon to be followed by a long line of rain. Well, since that week, up to now, we have experienced what it seems like perpetual rainfall (I’d like to say that’s an overstatement, but I’m finding it difficult to say.)

Of course, I absolutely admire the rain and thunderstorms, so these weeks have been heaven in summer for me. Our family is having a barbecue this weekend with friends and family, and judging by the past rain occurrences you’d expect to see that our barbecue would be rained out. However, with some strange, loving force the party lies on one of the only three sunny days in the next two weeks. Just when I was close to saying that there was too much rain, we were given a short break of sun, coincidentally on a day of a barbecue. The Seasons MUST have a heart.

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