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August 4, 2009

After working a yucky (I love that word), tiring 6-day week and spending some time watching people deal with other people’s future, I realized I need to do something about my future. Don’t get me wrong; I already had a guideline/plan for my future, but something tonight happened and it just hit me. It makes me all excited just to think about it, but as it is past midnight right now and my brain is all out of order, I will let this new plan sink into my head for the night and see how things work out.

Anyway, this epiphanic moment, got me to look forward to the next 5 weeks of work for this summer and how useful the money will be for me in the end. Yes I see how 5 5-day weeks (each day is about 9 hours) can seem like forever, but I have great milestones in the middle to help me along the way. For instance, next week I am going to New York City to see HAIR The Musical. And then the week after that nothing will happen. But then the following week will be our busiest week which means more money and then after that week will be our last week. Actually now that I think about it, this summer is going to be over rather quickly, which brought me to my next future plan. I need to shift my education gear up a notch by studying for my tests and helping out with the community (Colleges love that 😉 ). I believe that will keep me busy during those long and dull days or weeks.

Even without my new unrevealed plan, my future has a lot in store. But since I did just came home after a 6-day work week (over 54 hours), I’ll give my future a rest; I have a two-day break!

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