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Selective Vision

September 8, 2009

So (after all these weeks, I start my post with the word “so”) yesterday was the last day of my summer job, and as I went on my break, I noticed a peculiar “sighting” (for want of a better word). A mother was looking for her son and her tactics in finding him was merely yelling his name out over a large crowd of tourists. Strangely enough, the young boy, moments later, returned to his mother. I always have this paranoid thought that someone is calling my name when they are most likely not, giving me the idea that when someone really is calling my name in a large crowd, I probably don’t notice them.

However, this “incident” (Nope. Still not the word I was looking for here) reminded me of how many times I used to get separated from my mom at the mall, or amusement parks, or etc. All it took was a simple call of each other’s name and we’d be reunited in minutes (if not less). Of course there are those rare occasions in which my mom had to use the intercom system to locate me 🙂 . These “situations” (getting better) proved, in my mind at least, that if there is any one voice a person will remember the most, it is most likely a parent or child. I assume it must be a familial trait; just last week, my mom failed to tell me that she was working in a different room and yet I was still able to find her within seconds, without the help of anyone/thing. (Run-on sentence?)

I recall hearing in “Bones” the TV Series on FOX! and TNT that babies tend to look more like their fathers at first in hopes that the father will not abandon someone who looks like himself. Well in a sense, I feel that perhaps that works backwards when you are looking for a family member. Of course, you probably mistaken a number of people for the wrong person but when you come across a family member (given that you’ve known each other for a while) the fact that you look similar tells your brain that this person could be related to you. But that’s just me, theories/opinions, no facts.

Haha, I find it funny how the mother, about whom I was writing up above, went to purchase something and left without her change. She stopped, realizing her son went off again. If she hadn’t stopped to look for her son, the cashier would have never been able to let the mother know she forgot her change…. Oh yea and she found the son… eventually. 🙂

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  1. Rebecca permalink
    September 8, 2009 9:08 am

    Haha this was ingenious.. its soo true lol

  2. September 8, 2009 9:47 am

    Apparently my family has had this long tradition of whistling a special three tone melody to try and find each other. While it was much more useful for my grandmother and her five kids, my mom taught it to me and my sister, and that’s what we use now…

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