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November 15, 2009

I remember reading this article online about the apparently-unrecognized function of the human appendix. Now it deals with some “colorful” processes, so I won’t describe it in detail. Think digestive system (oh did I go too far?) After a certain action occurs in the body, helpful bacteria “resting” in the appendix move to the large intestine to replace any helpful bacteria lost.

The article argued that Charles Darwin had been wrong when he stated that the appendix had once had a clear function that he believed was obsolete (I think I’m finding a large attraction between me and that word) due to evolution. The bigger issue there was that because Darwin could not see a definite usage of the appendix now, he concluded his theory on evolution. The article asked, what would have happened if he had seen this newly discovered function? Would the controversial war between evolution and fundamentalism even exist?

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