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November 15, 2009

I thought the questions of my last post Evolution was such a nice ending that I decided to continue that story through another post.

I am sure you’ve had a moment (or moments) in which you did something by accident or you made a mistake that you ended up not regretting at all. I went on Batman the Dark Night in Six Flags New England for the first time by accident (I’ll tell you that story some other time) and I regretted not one second of it (well maybe just the incredibly long line.)

I’ve written about my viola and how it’s my go-to instrument for stress-relief. Indeed I love my viola, but I found it by accident. I had moved to a new school, and the school was offering stringed instrument lessons if you bought or rented an instrument. I knew nothing about stringed instruments so I ignored the offer. However, a friend I had just made, told the people selling the instruments that he would like to play the viola, and I had raised my hand as well. I thought it was a woodwind or something of the sort. (HAHAHAHA!) When I found it I said “oh… It’s a violin” (haha. No?…I guess it’s only funny if you play the viola.) Nonetheless, nine years later, I am still playing that puppy with a wild, passionate enthusiasm.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and coincidences are only relative. Of course you will have (or already had) a moment where you look back on a previous event and wish you did something differently. But as far as I’m concerned, time-travel is not available now, so dont dwell on something you can’t change. Of course we make mistakes that might seem just plain… wrong, but at the end of the day, if you learn from these mistakes, then progression is achieved.

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