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Sunrise, Sunset

November 17, 2009

Isn’t it interesting (I wanted to say funny) how we may spend about eighty years building a successful life, but in less than eighty seconds, a life could be taken away? This acknowledgment always strikes me as amusing and fascinating (call me morbid.) Some might say that this means that a human life is weak. Perhaps they are right, but let’s say that it is fragile or delicate. It creates a precious air about life; how you should savor each moment of it as it could be shattered or even stolen without any warning.

I bring up this gloomy (though it doesn’t have to be gloomy) topic because I saw a picture of a sunset on John Mayer’s Blog (while learning about his newest album “Battle Studies”), which reminded me of a Friday evening. I was driving towards the east and in my rearview mirror I could see such a magnificent sunset. Occasionally you can see a really special sunset in which a golden hue blankets everything in its path. This sunset, however, was your average, yet remarkable, sunset, with the bottom of the sky full of oranges and reds which blend in with the dark blue and purple celestial ceiling. Anyway, this moment reminded me of another earlier moment (haha, nope. The sunsets were just an introduction to my next point.) In this moment I was driving again, (see it’s not completely irrelevant) and I had my iPod playing the most joyful music it could process (I don’t remember which songs though). I am one of those ecstatic drivers you see dancing and banging on the steering wheel to my music (you will even catch me conducting, which makes turning a car rather difficult 🙂 .) While driving and dancing and singing and abusing my steering wheel, I realized how funny it would be to see me get smashed by another car. Now I realize that it would probably not be fun to be killed or severely injured, but knowingly avoiding those two incidences, I think I would find myself laughing and singing my head off (even if my radio got destroyed).

Imagine the happiest man skipping downtown and whistling a happy tune (this sounds like a song I know.) Everyone is watching this man enjoy his day. Blinded by his jubilant glee, though, the man steps out onto the street and is instantly hit by a bus. What are the people watching thinking? I’m Sure there are some mixed thoughts such as: “Oh my god! This man just died right in front of me!” or “What the hell just happened?” or “Now isn’t that ironic!” Let me just say, that this man must have died happy or he had a mental disorder. Either way he was happy and/or he is happier now (I am avoiding any afterlife controversies as much as I can.)

This is probably why I am not so worried about death. In fact, there are times on the road in which I guess that I made the right move, but I always wince just a little as if expecting imminent death. I mean, there would be very little I could do to avoid death, so if it were meant to happen, why not let it happen? I’m not advocating suicide, nor am I saying that you will always be happy before you kick the bucket. I am simply saying that if a life is so precious that its last memories are of joy and peace, then it is a successful life indeed.

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