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I Stumbled Upon The Fun Theory

November 19, 2009

I have become a new user to these new social networks and whatnot (new favorite word), trying to make my blog more well-rounded (haha. I’m working on it, leave me alone.) One of my favorites is StumbleUpon. It allows you to view random websites fed with intriguing articles, movies, pictures, and etc., and then share them amongst other StumbleUpon users. Well, I “stumbled upon”, as they phrase it on their site, an interesting video from Volkswagen.

They (who is “They” anyway?) say that it is better to take the harder path as opposed to the easy way (redundant, maybe. But I was trying to bring out a point, there.) However, as a technologically advanced species, humans find it difficult to take the “road less traveled.” Thus, Volkswagen came up with a new theory titled The Fun Theory. They felt that people would probably do the healthier and safer tasks if they found it fun. I thought this idea was rather fascinating. Here is my favorite video on The Fun Theory website. Other clever videos can be found on the website as well.

It’s just so cute.

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