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And So it Begins… Again

November 29, 2009

It has finally been done! The Infinite planes is now known as the Infinite Vertices. When planning on purchasing a website domain name, I had discovered that had already been taken. So I ran a short but 2%-useful voting survey having people choose between five different names to use. Well, everyone who voted said should be the name. I said, “too bad”. However, this forced me to do some more brainstorming for unused domain names and after hours of thinking, I came up with Infinite Vertices. The Vertices (I explained this a little on Infinite planes’s post: The Future is Near…er.”) represent the different perspectives at which one sees life and I connected the word “Infinite” to express that there are infinite ways to see life. I hadn’t’ realized it until I wrote Infinite planes’s post: The Future is Near…er” that these two blogs were very mathematical: “Infinite”, “planes”, “Vertices”.

An object with infinite vertices is known as a circle or sphere. So I think it’s necessary that I use a sphere of some sort as the Infinite Vertices’s logo in the future. (The Infinite planes’s logo was the infinity sign with light coming from the middle. It can be seen here.).

Tell your friends and family that the switch has been made!
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