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Infinite Ideas

December 4, 2009

No, that is not an idea for a new blog name. So if you want to use it, feel free. You probably (hopefully) noticed that there hasn’t been a post on this blog in almost a week. This is due to the fact that I must write a series of creative essays before Christmas Eve (a personal deadline I made for myself). Most of the time, when I have to write an essay for a class, I write it last minute. This is mainly because those essays are usually analytical essays (book reports, critical lenses, etc…). When someone tells me to write a creative essay, however, my brain simply crashes. I find it extremely difficult to write something creative on a given deadline (as you can see by the time gaps between my posts). Although, lately I have been finding it easy for me to write posts on this blog. My best friend, who also had to write these essays, told me that I should be just as dedicated with my essays as I am with my blog posts, and now I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly.

Though, it took some time for me to come to this consensus (it usually does). I began reading certain topics on which people had suggested for me to write. Thinking I could finish these essays in a few hours, I started writing. I had barely spent ten minutes, and I ended lost for ideas after writing 3 sentences. Apprehensively, I took a break (it’s been about 2 weeks 🙂 ). It was only a few days afterwards, that I came across a brilliant topic on which to write here on my blog. Then it hit me, when I started writing this blog (I have it saved in my drafts), I could use this for one of my essays. Then another idea popped up, and that seemed useful as well, and then it was only a matter of days that a handful of other subjects blossomed in my mind.

Therefore, (English essay conclusion, I guess…) as soon as I have these essays all squared away (I wanted to use that cliché just once today), I will return back to this blog with more posts… I just want you, my readers, to see these posts/essays. However, I don’t want it to seem as if I copied them or that I couldn’t come up with a topic on my own, so I just used one of my older posts. Don’t worry, I will be back… For I’ll know, I’ll be back today with some more posts.

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