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December 14, 2009

Just yesterday, I very powerful urge to finish my essays came over me and I have finished all but three of them (there were Three large essays, and five short-answer responses, and one medium-sized essays). I found very difficult to stay within the 500-word limits in the large essays. In my first essay, I managed to reduce the word count to 525. My second large essay, however, had 1211 words. (Nothing that an extensive amount of proofreading can’t handle). So, although, I am not completely done with these essays, I feel that it’s alright for me to make a post today. I feel extremely accomplished.

Unlike most people, I only need about 6 and half hours of sleep. Thus, like most people, I try to strategically find a proper time for me to go to sleep and so that I wake up at an ideal time in the morning. However, there are those times in which I failed to fall asleep at this proper time. In this situation, I undertake one of two backup plans:

1. I pull an all-nighter.
2. I deprive myself of something valuable.

You might say that both of these tactics are very unhealthy (especially the latter), but I don’t do this too frequently. Depriving myself seems to be the most affective of the two, however. If I feel thirsty before I go to bed, I do not quench that thirst prior to sleeping. Therefore, when any disturbance (alarm) occurs, I am more likely to wake up as my body remembers that it is still in need of a drink.

This has always been a thing I did on my, and never really found the need to speak of it publicly (though, I am not embarrassed by it). Though, when I was trying to stay focused on the writing of my essays, my friends told me to deprive myself. I never realized how passionate I am to writing. One of my friends told me that she asked her mother not to buy her a new phone until after she had finished her essay. (Strange, but very effective).

I told you, that I wouldn’t write on my blog until I finished these essays.

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