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John Mayer’s 7-Day Challenge

January 1, 2010

If you haven’t already figured it out, John Mayer is one of my favorite musicians to date; so it shouldn’t be hard to see that I read his blog. Well, yesterday he posted a clever, short-term New Year’s resolution for 2010. He called it “The One Week Digital Cleanse.” In his post he came up with a plan to reduce our technological “fragmentation.” In other words he came up with a resolution to reduce the use of technology (text messaging, cell phone internet, social networks, etc.) in multiple places. This resolution involved no longer using cellphones, iPods, and whatnot to check email, Twitter, text messages, etc… Normally I would find this extremely difficult for me to take on, but for some reason I am very enthusiastic about this. John Mayer set the challenge to last for a week starting New Year’s Day morning and ending on the morning of the following Friday. Visit John Mayer’s post to view the guidelines of this 7 day challenge. I will be taking part in this “cleansing period”, which will begin 9am January 1, 2010 and end 9am January 8, 2010 and I recommend you do too (if you already haven’t been doing so).

I find it really funny how, right after John said “no social networks” (not a direct quote) I had come really close to finishing my Bulletin Board for The Infinite Vertices. Oh well, to stay faithful to this resolution, this production is going to have to wait until next Friday. Feel free to let me know about your experiences and this 7-day challenge via email or comments (I’ll be checking my emails on the computer though 😉 ).

Due to my constant analyzing of lyrics and my creation of poems I would consider my sight an entertainment site, which means that my blog is off limits during the next week (although, if you must read my blog anyway, go on ahead. But remember, this is a good challenge you are putting down). Try adding new rules to this cleansing period and tell me about it (my blog emails my comments to me, so I will see you… eventually).

To everyone participating, good bye, good luck, and Happy New Year!

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