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Oh They Caught ’em All Alright

January 1, 2010

I am a big Facebook addict and I have come to notice that last night marked the end of the Pokémon Profile Pic month. During this period, Facebook users were invited to change their profile pictures to pictures of their favorite Pokémon. I chose Mudkip (I just love how cute it is 🙂 ). Looking through all of these pictures, I saw a bunch of old Pokémon I used to love back in the day. (I still remember the first 151 Pokémon). However, only one picture really caught my eye and put a huge smile on my face (and you want to put a smile on my face):

Caught 'em All

Looking at this picture, you might think that I hate Pokémon, but that is absolutely incorrect. I adore Pokémon (I can still be caught playing Leaf Green and Emerald). This picture is just priceless (well not really; it can be found for sale on T-shirts Here). At first, I was entirely hurt to see Pikachu like this, but then I saw the hilarity in this. It really takes catching Pokémon to a new level and makes you laugh (it made Me laugh… afterwards). I say “kudos” (never really understood what that meant) to whoever came up with this piece of art. You really know how to make my day.

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