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Cynic Humor

February 20, 2010

Call me cynical, but probably the funniest thing for me to watch is people falling. And I know all of you readers out there find this to be true for yourselves too.

Maybe five years ago, my mom and I were attending mass and everyone was giving each other “the sign of peace.” This mesnt that the altar servers came down to the pews to offer peace to the congregation. One young server with pretty blonde hair with a bounce to her walk (she didn’t really bounce but I needed to put some sort of description here) had began to rush back to the altar. She was so graceful when she ran. So graceful that apparently she fell from grace 🙂 . Right on her face. This was an iconic moment for me. The entire congregation except for my mom and I, did that gasp that you would hear from those tv shows that were “filmed in front of a live audience.”

My mother and I simply laughed…

…the girl was alright.

Now you might say it might not have been amusing if it were me who fell but then I would tell you this story:

I was singing and dancing along with my iPod (my daily routine). Don’t ask me what song because I do this to so many songs I don’t keep track anymore. So, I was dancing and I turned around real fast, placing my foot on a fleece blanket that was covering my hardwood floor. Well you can probably guess what happened next. I slipped and flew into my closet door, bruising my shin. Oh it hurt. I believe I even had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t sing. It’s very hard to sing when you’re laughing. I was laughing at the fact that when I was falling, everything went in slowmotion. I saw myself falling, but i did nothing about it. (I have been using repetition to clarify myself a LOT in this post…)

If you can tell me exactly what it is about people flying towards the ground (other than slowmotion) that makes us laugh (admit it, you love to watch this), I’d love to know. In the meantime, if you fall down and I’m laughing at you, understand that am concerned for your safety….. most of the time. 🙂

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