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April 4, 2010

What compels people to hate? It seems nowadays (it’s probably been like this for…ever) that people choose one random person on which to release their entire stock of negative energy. They pick that one person, but they never let go. That person is forever condemned to verbal and physical torment. But why? What has that person done? Usually nobody knows; they just choose not “stand” that person.

I find it very hard to hate someone. I like to let this be known (oy there’s a lot of passive voice here). Everyone acts the way they do due to the people closest to them while growing up. Therefore, in my opinion, I feel that if a group of people choose a random kid to bully at every chance possible, that kid may eventually grow into a destructive child. Not many people like destructive people. I don’t appreciate destruction. I told my friend the other day, however, that I can’t hate someone because I don’t know that person’s past and therefore cannot empathize with them.

I think that that’s most people’s problem. They can’t sympathize with someone because they can’t empathize with him or her and therefore they push that person away out of fear.

If a customer gives you a rough time at work, realize that that person may have been having a terrible day, week, month, etc. That doesn’t mean that you should let that person take full power over you. You can still protect yourself without the need to attack someone (in terms of socializing). You may never see that person again; there’s no need to waste energy on someone you will never see again. If you do see that person again just do what I do:

Just dance!! (haha just kidding. Although I guess that wouldn’t be too bad either 🙂 )

Smile. That’s what I always do: just smile. It’s amazing what a smile can do. You could probably make that person’s day brighter and make him or her lose the need to be destructive.


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  1. Rebecca permalink
    April 5, 2010 9:03 am

    Three cheers for smiles.. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!
    I do believe this is my favorite post because it is soo true and not a lot of people grasp that concept. They are simply to selfish. It’s nice to see someone who actually does care about others, whether you know them or not… and it never hurts to dance 🙂

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