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Keep Holding On

June 25, 2010

People have asked me, time after time, if I could change anything in my past what would it be. I would tell him (as I have done in a previous post of mine) that I wouldn’t change anything because my past is what helped me reach the high points in my life.

When referring to difficult times in my life, many people ask me how I managed to get out of those times. My answer, 90% of the time, is: “I don’t know,” which is what makes problem resolutions so sweet. I don’t remember how I solve my issues; they just miraculously resolve. I think this goes along with the argument that people tend to want to feel pain. That’s why people complain to others. I think I can argue that most of our everyday struggles disappear everyday, but we still complain. What many people lack is faith (no I do not mean religious faith, although some say that that can do wonders too). They lack the faith in themselves that says “I’m going to make it through today.”

The best tactic in overcoming an obstacle (this part of the post sounds familiar) is to look ahead. If you see that you somehow will be alright in the long-run, then your short-run obstacle shouldn’t be unbearable. If you want to avoid encountering that difficulty again, you should pay attention to the events that occurred the first time and learn from it for the future. Some call that learning from your mistakes. As I type this song, I have Avril Lavigne’s song “Keep Holding On” playing over and over again in my head as I type this post, and she brings up a good point. You should keep holding on, because you will make it through.

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