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I Think You Can Dance, but…

July 9, 2010

Alright, I have a few things to say about So You Think You Can Dance Season 7.

1. Mia Michaels has been rather rude lately telling Melinda that they made a mistake in keeping her last week and constantly reminding Adéchiké that she missed Alex Wong. Of course she did apologize to Adéchiké, but I feel that boy needs a little more than just a public apology on the show. I read on Whose shoes are these anyway? that people had been calling Mia a racist on Twitter. I am upset with Mia Michaels this year, but she is in no way at all a racist. She was simply being a tough, rude judge. From NewsBusters, I read and recalled how Michaels (when I use her last name, I feel so professional haha) was attacked for wearing a jacket with the marines symbol upside-down. Really, America? You are going to attack her for that? Be glad she even decided to put your symbol on her jacket. (I feel so judgmental right now… probably because I am being judgmental). So what if she’s antiwar? A large amount of America is. Suddenly she “should be ashamed of [her]self” for expressing her own belief?

2. I miss Mary Murphy. Not that I don’t like Mia; I just miss Mary’s energy and excitement on the show. I hope she comes back next year.

3. I loved the show when it presented a different judge each week. Although, Ellen DeGeneres (and other non-dance related people) are not needed.

4. The show needs to go back to the Top 20 Dancers format. I absolutely love the All Stars, but the show seems quieter when half the people on the show had already been on the show before.

5. I think America had it completely wrong when Billy, Ashley, and Alex (by default) got placed in the bottom three. I know Alex had to be placed in it due to his injury, but with this misfortune, we had three of probably the season’s best dancers down. I am glad the judges didn’t have to choose for this one, seeing as Alex’s injury would force him to rest for three months. (Three seems to be the unlucky number today). This boy had given up so much to be on the show, and I would advise him not to come back. It was a risk for him to give up his paying job to perform on a show he might not win (although I think he might have won season 7). And making it to the top 8 out of 11 dancers is pretty good for publicity so he has a lot to look for, if he doesn’t come back to So You Think You Can Dance Season 8.

I absolutely enjoy watching this show. I hope it never gets cut from FOX. Just revise those changes made for Season 7 and I think SYTYCD will be well on its way to greater success.

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