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Je parle la Musique. Yo hablo Música. I speak Music…

July 24, 2010

I have relatives from Switzerland over at my house and thus we all tend to speak French. It’s not too difficult because I have taken French classes in high school and live in a french-speaking family. However, it can be a struggle to explain to others who cannot speak French what my relatives are trying to say and it is just as difficult to explain to my relatives what others are trying to say. Thus, I tend to form my French sentences in my head ahead of time to avoid too much of a delay, and I find myself thinking too hard for very simple situations. I was with a close friend of mine the other day, who speaks English, and my friend asked me what do I think of a specific song. I answered back, “Oh, je ne l’aime pas.” I could obviously see that wasn’t exactly the answer for which my friend was looking judging by my friends confused facial expression. Because I feel the need to translate everything now, my mind has slowed down. It’s kind of like reading a page in Portuguese and having Google translate it all into English; it is much slower than just reading the page as is.

My viola is one of my strongest forms of expression (other than this blog and a few other things of course 😉 ). After getting in an argument with the family, I stormed upstairs to my bedroom and began playing JC Bach’s Concerto in C Minor for Viola Movement II. (You should look it up on iTunes. It is so beautiful). My foreign relatives like it when I sing and perform music, but a lot of the times (most of the times) they don’t understand what I’m singing. However, when I began playing I felt as if they were waiting at my door listening in (although I know they weren’t…. there’s a point here, don’t worry). When I hit a certain note (don’t ask me which one), I suddenly heard a French phrase flow through my mind. I didn’t pay attention to what the phrase was, but I somehow understood what it meant. This happened throughout the entire song with different phrases each time, and then I realized that the language of Music is universal. In the end, without the language barriers, we are all the same people with the same emotions. Music helps bring that fact out by not just making people hear or listen, but to also feel.

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