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Wishful Thinking

August 6, 2010

At a few times, I can come off as superstitious, but I try not be as such. Years ago I wished I had some sort of allergy and ever since I have had horrible outdoor allergies. I wished that I had some sort of disease and then I ended up with an annoying condition that involves me and walking. Now I’ve taken notice of this and watched for what I wished, but why did I make these wishes in the first place? I think it was because I wanted to experience what these conditions felt like for myself. I always thought that the phrase “be careful what you wish for” was just a way to punish those who let greed cloud their judgment and therefore overlook the consequences. In my opinion, wanted to feel and understand other peoples pains and discomforts is not greed. I do realize that one could make an argument that perhaps the want to feel someone else’s pain is selfish because, in the end, the person who felt the pain is glad he or she got what she wanted. The person may have regretted doing so, but at least up until the point he or she felt the pain, he or she was elated to know it was about to happen. My argument is that, with this expression “be careful what you wish for” having been spoken for several of years now, wouldn’t the wishers understand that what they may get might have some consequences? One might argue with the same statement as before, that the person, even though he or she knew there were consequences, still wanted to go through with the wish and therefore it is selfish. My argument to that would be that, yes, the person, regardless of any repercussions selfishly wished his or her wish, but he or she, in the about case, did it to empathize with the other person, which is, in my dictionary, selfless. Curiosity killed the cat, but not because the cat wanted to understand the struggles of others. Did I deserve these conditions I supposedly received due to my wishing? Were these conditions caused by my wishes? Does telling you, the reader, about the wishes I made in the past invalidate the wishes, therefore invalidating the “punishments” presumably caused by the wishes? Is it true, that I just wrote an entire post on my blog without using parentheses? (I think not haha!) 😉

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