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I Call it Magic

August 7, 2010
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Apparently the Apple iPod has been around since late 2001, and its 10-year anniversary (October 23, 2010) is just around the corner. But how did this small device stay strong and one of Apple’s best selling products for 10 years? Well other than the fact that it was created by a very powerful and trusted company, it is a device that deals with music. Music is a force incapable of obsolescence and therefore owning a company that deals especially with such a force is like owning a company that sells the air in our atmosphere; everyone needs it. That’s not a hyperbole. We need music. Music is a form of expression. If we can’t express ourselves or witness others’ expressions, we cannot communicate—we become locked up within ourselves, incapable of movement.

Then you say, “what about deaf people?” And I say: Music is not just aural, it is also visual, but most importantly it is emotional. Whether it is making you feel someone else’s feelings, or it is rising up feelings within you, it is touching you emotionally.

I used to be afraid that one day music would change so much that perhaps I wouldn’t like it anymore. Well, that is utterly impossible (I love how I started this blog with a computer company). It’s like speech and writing; it has been with us from the start and will be with us beyond the end.

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