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I Love You… Jerk!

August 20, 2010

It’s strange how I’ve been feeling lately. I have said it numerous times that I do not like to hate others. I like to avoid negativity. Lately, however, I have been thinking rather rude thoughts, and these thoughts weren’t even induced by negative events (well most of them weren’t). It’s almost as if everytime I would want to say a compliment, my brain would come up the insult counterpart to it. I would normally say that maybe that is just how I am feeling about those people, but that would be completely irrational. I would also normally say that maybe I’m just moody due to outside events. That would still make my thoughts irrational, but at least they would be reasonable. I guess the good part of my conscience is taking a break right now? (Yes, I ended an indicative sentence with a question mark.) Hopefully that break will end soon. (I didn’t think too many negative thoughts today 🙂 ).

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