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September 4, 2010

I do not watch MTV or VH1 for many reasons. I personally do not like Jershey Shore, but living in a dorm means the lounge TV is for communal use. So I painfully watched the show and slowly tuned out the TV while doing my homework. I won’t say I was disgusted by the show, but I would rather punch a glass window (that’s exaggeration). The one thing I did enjoy about the show or possible MTV in general was the fact that when a song was playing in the background, the credits for the song popped up on the bottom screen kind of like how it would be done in a music video. The credits for the song are supposed to go at the end of the credits of the rest of the show/movie, but no one really takes the time to watch the microscopic fast trailing credits. I’m sure the Music Television has been doing this for a while, which is why I didn’t want to post this. It was when I watched a video on Apple’s website and at the very end of the video, they placed a link leading to a page on iTunes that gave you information on the song performed in the video. It’s a warming feeling to know that artists are starting to become recognized in more effective ways. Next step, end piracy (yea, that’s right. I’m a bitch).

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