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My Dream Job

November 8, 2010

No I’m not writing about the job I’ve always wished to have; I’m writing about a job (apparently jobs) about which I dreamt a few days ago.

I had just received news that my best friend and her family were celebrating what I can assume was Thanksgiving, which was the next day, in Baltimore. I wanted to celebrate with them as well, so I made plans to travel down from New York to Maryland. Little did I know, I had to work the night before “Thanksgiving.” I had a former job at Staples (I say former because I don’t work there while I’m on campus). When I worked at Staples I always went to Price Chopper for lunch. I am assuming that those two places were on my mind at the time because I found myself working at Price Chopper but with some employees from my Staples job.

I worked at the registers up front for most of the day. I was so excited to go home and get ready to leave for Maryland, but at the end of the day shift, I was told that I was needed to work by the sushi bar. I love sushi, and I always either bought a salad or sushi whenever I ate lunch at Price Chopper. My only sense of time was the lighting. It appeared bright and sunny when I was working front end, but it became dark and quiet in the back end of the store. I happily accepted the job request and went to work. Then over to right of me, at the seafood center, was a familiar face. She didn’t seem upset with her job, but my best friend was at the seafood center with a white cooking coat on descaling what seemed like a long sea bass. She was doing this during the time she should have already been in Baltimore, but she seemed content.

I woke up after that. It seems that the dream really had no plot. Throughout the dream, though, I was constantly reminded by an employee or myself that I was running out of time. I’m not sure if it meant I was running out of time to get to Maryland, or if I was running out of time due to Daylight savings, or if it meant something else. All I know is that time is apparently running short for something related to me. I don’t remember exactly when I had this dream. It was sometime between Thursday night and Saturday night. I think it was Friday night, and on Saturday morning, I woke up late for brunch. Also I realized that this week that I have to attend concerts and perform a duet next Saturday. Maybe I’m being reminded that I’m running out of time in terms of deadlines and lunch dates. Or maybe my mind just wanted me to spend two hours writing this post pondering a dream…

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