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I Always Remember

November 13, 2010

If you really think about it, everything we do is a memory. For instance, jump up and down and then sit down. The very second you did that, it all became a memory. Even while you are jumping, it is all a memory. I mean you can argue that you are jumping up and down, but the truth is that you are still jumping up and down (assuming that you actually jumped up and down). You are merely adding onto your memory. At 9:38:04pm you began to jump, and you are telling me that you are jumping, but the time is now 9:38:22pm. You will never be what you were at 9:38:04pm because once that time frame changed the slightest, it became the past. I brought this statement up because of my previous post “My Dream Job,” I could not explain why I was constantly informed that “time was running out.” Well since the dream is only a memory, I can remember it anytime I want, so I feel like it was saying that, in general, time is infinite, but my time isn’t. It turns out, that I have a two-day final on Thursday and Friday and then a concert on Sunday evening. My mind never ceases to prepare me for the worse. Where would I be if I didn’t worry as much?

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