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My Internet, TV, and Real Life are Separate!

November 21, 2010

Sony Internet TV Facebook Poll
This facebook poll really scares me. Internet TV? Creations like these make me very worried about the future of our society. I have read many books about futures where it is illegal to do anything outside. I know it may seem stupid right now, but we used to send notes and knock on people’s doors. Now we text and instant message. I feel like I need to take another digital cleanse to make me feel better. Why would I tweet during a show? I barely tweet for this blog. There is absolutely no need for internet to be on a television screen. We need to be able to get away from all of this media junk and smell the natural world. We need to do this at least once in a while. I’m really scared that our daily lives will consist of 20 different URLs. If the internet were to crash for good, where would we be?

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