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November 30, 2010

I am very impulsive when it comes to crushes. I tell my crushes that I like them maybe a week after knowing them. Strangely, no one complains (at least not to me…). I had a crush on campus whose name shall be “Siejai” (I love how I come up with these names). I was stuck on Siejai for a while until my mind was drawn away by another lovely face, “Dième.” After a few weeks I began to switch back from Dième to Siejai. The switch seemed promising until I finally came to the conclusion that I would not be able to get anywhere with Siejai—at least not now. I don’t mean that Siejai was holding me back, I meant that Siejai wasn’t going to date me anytime soon. The funny part is that Siejai told me that months ago.

Anyway, before Thanksgiving break, I was always found walking to a particular area in order to “bump” into Siejai (that plan rarely played out). I guess coming home from school cleaned out my system because I found myself going to that particular area with no intentions of seeing Siejai. In fact, I was startled when Siejai said hi.

Perhaps you can say that my impulsive side was temporarily held back and slightly released for (hopefully) a moment. I was talking with my friend who works at the dorm’s front desk when I saw another person, whom which I have been watching closely lately (Oh god, that sounds so wrong). I can’t give this person a nickname because I do not know this person’s real name. I was talking to my friend and then this person started walking towards the elevator. I started plotting out a way to get on the elevator with this newbie (I’m trying to find other nouns that can describe this person…). It seems as though my plan to get on the elevator in a casual way was thrown out the window, as I abruptly ended the conversation (The conversation ended more casually than I’m making it seem, but still…) and jumped onto the elevator as the doors started to close.

Let me tell you that it was a nice journey up 18 stories. 😉 . No one in the elevator said anything. What I did get from this elevator ride (other than a nice view), were some minor details and the floor number on which this person lives. I’m not a stalker, but I just realized that this person lives in my dorm and not the one next door, as I have always believed. I feel more promising events in my near future. 😉 . Very, very promising…

P.S. The last two people mentioned (Dième and The Newbie) aren’t crushes of mine…

(Oh boy…)

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