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“Really,” Windows?

December 2, 2010

“Windows gives me the family, nature never could.”

That rubs me the wrong way. I am a Mac and dislike Windows to a great extent. I typically didn’t like Windows for it’s software and it’s interface, but the recent Windows 7 Cloud commercials aren’t helping its case. The cloud commercial shows a mother struggling to get her family to settle down for a nice family portrait. She struggles as her daughter is texting throughout the entire event and her two sons are horsing around. She resolves by taking the good bits and pieces from multiple trials of photo-taking and pieces them together into an imaginary family. I don’t like to use this word here, but this “disgusts” me.

It’s like my health teacher from high school said: There’s eastern medicine and then there’s western medicine. (Not a direct quote). In other words, in the west (America and Western Europe), we tend to cover up our problems as opposed to finding the source of our problems, as they do in the East. The mother relies on a computer software to make her family appear relaxed and well-mannered. Until she actually solves the problems with her family (which is rather easy), the family will always have to struggle to take these pictures. Here are some screenshots:

From Horrid Reality:

Windows 7: The Cloud, Horrid Reality

To Horrid Fantasy:

Windows 7: The Cloud, Horrid Fantasy

And then Windows Phone 7 really solves the issue of being so deeply involved with our technology. The entire video is of people using their cell phones in ridiculously inappropriate times. It sounds like such a nice commercial that mocks our excessive use of technology, but then it says “it’s time for a phone to save us from our phones.” Explain to me exactly how a phone can be “designed to get you in and out and back to life.” Yeah, Windows, maybe if I use my phone more efficiently, I will use my phone less (sarcasm). Did you ever think that maybe using your phone less, period, would cause you to… use your phone less? Efficiency isn’t the problem; the false sense of reality is.

So, that digital cleanse is on its way. I just have to review the rules and possibly expand on some of them and then it will begin.

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