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Post #101!

December 10, 2010

I love how the post that says that I will be taking a one-week break from excessive social technology turned out to be my 100th post!. I also love how after that post, I decided to move the blog away from tumblr. If you haven’t read the post on the tumblr page (I won’t post the link for certain reasons), I said that tumblr wasn’t the right place for The Infinite Vertices. One thing the site is based off of is “reblogging” of other people’s content. It’s a clever system, but I wanted to keep The Infinite Vertices as original as possible. So I decided to leave. Now I’m here. Tell your friends and family. Since it is the 101st post, I would also like to point out how strange it is that I have never posted on my blog in any October day. (Spooky).

Anyway, back to the Digital Cleanse talk. I must admit that this “digicle” was much more difficult than the last. I have a mac and I use the Adium instant messenger. It’s a really nice Mac-only instant messenger that combines numerous services, including facebook and texting, into one. The buddy list has the option to be “docked” on the side of the screen where it slides off when I am using another application. I turned off the messenger, but during the digicle, I constantly found myself moving the cursor towards the edge of the screen, expecting the messenger buddy list to pop up. It was a like a phantom limb. I did, nonetheless, persevere, and I also found that I was finishing my homework before midnight, instead of 2am as usual.

Overall, I would say that this digicle was strengthening and peaceful. It’s amazing how many people look at me funny when I explain the rules of the digital cleanse. I think the fact that I was doing something most people would deem impossible for themselves makes this cleansing process more rewarding for me. I definitely look forward to another digicle. I think it should be a regular thing with The Infinite Vertices, which is why I am creating my own word “digicle.”

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