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You Can’t Always Give What They Want

December 16, 2010

“The holiday season is just a great reason to give gifts at the end of the year. What am I saying? This is America; everyday is the holiday season.”


I love gifts. I do. It’s always great to receive something for which you did not have to pay. I’m a college student; I know. But sometimes gift-giving can get a little out of hand. For instance, Black Friday. We treat it like a holiday. My mother told me that for gifts, we are supposed to give each other (if you can) what the other person needs. I view gift-giving as the offering of products/necessities that one will find useful in the future, an item that was difficult to obtain due to financial or some other issues. It’s not the product that was the gift, it was the lending hand that appeared at a time of need.

So, I’m not a big fan of secret santa. Well maybe I would be if I could actually afford it; it is a fun gift-giving game.

When I talk about giving someone the thing that they needed most, you might just say “then what’s the point of even wrapping the gift up. If it’s a need, then you should just give it to the person without any ‘games’.” Well that’s a very valid statement. That’s pretty much the way we run things in my family. I mean we do have our surprises of entertainment products and whatnot, but I got car mats and an ice scraper for Christmas last year. My family had been talking about how I would need those for the winter time with my new car.

I feel like I got a little side-tracked there, but I think I covered half of my response to the quote about wrapping gifts. The other half is that it’s a very warm feeling to receive the one thing you needed the most as a surprise because, again, it’s not the gift that did the surprising it was the giving of that gift that did the work. (I’m getting wordy now). So by all means, give gifts all you want. Wrap them, hide them, or just spoil the surprise. Just be more aware that showing someone that you care is more important than giving them the best phone.

As I look up, my first quote in this post isn’t exactly supported with post, but it still targets America’s unhealthy idea of gift-giving.

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