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Another Little Disclaimer

December 18, 2010

As a follow-up to My Little Disclaimer, I wanted to say a small thing about censorship. I hate it. How does someone have the right to look at your work and then obscure certain words or visuals? I try to keep this blog PG-rated as best as I can, but sometimes things slip out (I think I did a good job with keeping it clean here though). If something on the rough side were to pop up in my writing, I can assure you that it was put there for a powerful meaning and not simply out of vulgarity. I can also assure you that I will NOT cover it up with some annoying form of censorship.

We are so used to censorship that when it comes down to a word that’s been “bleeped out,” we already know what that word was; it’s just an annoying obstacle to overlook. So what’s the point in hiding the word?

I said that I try to keep this blog PG-rated, which points that although I do not approve of censorship, I do strongly approve, however, of modesty. Proper choice in what we say and do has a better effect than merely covering up our “distastefulness.” How can we grow if we don’t learn from our mistakes?

Again, I try to keep my blog PG-rated, but if you ever feel like my blog is too offensive in any way feel free to comment on my posts or email me at

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