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iRobot. uRobot. We allRobot

December 18, 2010
iRobot LANdroids. Courtesy of

iRobot LANdroids. Courtesy of

So I did some research (in other words, I used Wikipedia and briefly visited the iRobot website), as I said I would in my previous post iRobot, the New Maid?. This twenty year-old company does have its set of unnecessary gadgets such as Roomba (the automated vacuum) or Scooba (washing floors), but it also has some robots that have a greater purpose in our society. For example, the LANdroids—so small— creates a Local Area Network (LAN) in areas where such a form of communication is limited or nonexistent.

iRobot Seaglider. Courtesy of

iRobot Seaglider. Courtesy of

The company is also working on creating a the Seaglider which is a maritime robot that is capable of recording information in the sea several months without a need to recharge. iRobot claims that it is great for oceanography and surveillance.

So I guess what I mean to say is iRobot should stick with research and military work and leave the housework to those who actually live in houses. At this moment, I will stand by my word(s) when I say “It is not time to let the robots do the work for you unless you are out at sea or the battle grounds.”
The benefit of the doubt, that’s all we need.

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