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“Take Off Your Makeup; The Party’s Over”

December 21, 2010

Title: Quote from the song “The Party’s Over” from the musical “Bells Are Ringing”

Once again (I know I’ve said this before), The Infinite Vertices does its best to be anonymous. Of course, I understand that a good number of my readers know who I am, but I felt that the idea of anonymity, at least, would make the blog seem less biased. But perhaps maybe allowing the blog to be biased would help me point out the other side. For instance, I could address periods (the first thing on my mind are periods.. hmm) as an annoying biological process that causes girls to be annoying as well. If I were to address myself as either a man or a woman my opinion on the matter could be arguably biased. I feel that if you know my side of the story, then you can see exactly why I think a certain way. I have already said that I cannot hate people because I don’t know their entire story. It becomes harder to judge people accurately when you don’t have all of the facts. Knowing my side of the story can help define one point of view towards a subject (the main idea of this blog) so that other points of view can be better drawn out. I may also be creating another blog to go along with this one (so don’t panic about me moving).

There are many pros and cons to making my identity officially known and I will have to weigh them out to see which decision is better. You know me, though, usually when I make a plan to do something on this blog, it’s not too much later that you see it done. 😉 . Be on the lookout for a possible unveiling.

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