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Just Who Is The Infinite Vertices?

December 22, 2010

Well, I did it. Anonymity is at an all-time low on The Infinite Vertices. If you notice now, there is a new link at the top right of the page (under the logo). I created a new about page about me. Also if you haven’t noticed, I have also updated the About page for the blog in general as well. The author page is a short page listing a few facts about me. I know many of you already knew that information about me, but now newcomers will know it as well. On the page, I stated that there is a set of information that should only be revealed if it pertains to the post’s subject and is appropriate and necessary. The information I posted in the author page are deemed necessary due to some additions I will be making to The Infinite Vertices content. I will post the facts here as in about 10 more posts from now, this post will no longer be on the front page.

  • My name is Kevin
  • I am an 18 year-old Music Performance major at Syracuse University. Emphasis on the Viola
  • I was born and raised in New York State (NOT the city).
  • I am a gay man, living with a very supportive family
  • I have an older brother and younger sister

And there you have it: The Infinite Vertices in his spotlight. I just want to add that all of the “Crush” posts contain nicknames not because I was insecure about my sexuality, but to maintain the confidentiality of the crushes. I can confirm, however, that they are boys.

Let’s see what kind of reception this receives….

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  1. JShor permalink
    December 24, 2010 4:39 am

    Haha I love you Kevin, you are great.

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