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“Soyez Vous-même.” Be Yourself. Another Blog of Mine

December 23, 2010

It’s strange. Come out in a blog post, have the number of your blog readers double. When I was on, I had another blog. It was my pro-LGBT blog which focused on the concept of NOH8 in terms of marriage and equality for all sexualities. (It should just be about equality in general but I needed it to be more specific). The blog, (visit with caution), which still exists for the time being, also featured content for more of the mature eye. I’m not saying that it was “Not Safe For Work” as I view that as content dealing with full frontal nudity and porn. I don’t post that kind of content. It also was created to lean more toward gay men as opposed to the LTQIA portion of the “alphabet,” which is why I chose to keep it separate from this blog. I feel like it doesn’t cover the broad world as The Infinite Vertices does and so I chose to keep it as a branch or distant cousin of The Infinite Vertices.

So it is with my great honor to announce the birth of The Infinite Vertices’s distant cousin: Soyez Vous-même. It’s French for “Be Yourself,” which is a take on McDonald’s LGBT campaign in France: “Venez Comme Vous Êtes,” which means “Come As You Are.” Although the background colors of the two blogs are subject to change periodically, if you notice, the background for this blog is a reddish-orange (like the “V” in IV) and the background for Soyez Vous-même is green (like the “I” in IV). You can view Soyez Vous-même as the “I” (or “me”) of The Infinite Vertices. So come on down and take a gander at the new addition to The Infinite Vertices family: Soyez Vous-même.

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