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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

December 24, 2010

"Peace" Sign

During this time of the year, the one message that gets promoted a lot (other than “shop ’til you drop”) is Peace on Earth.  It’s probably the ultimate dream to have peace on Earth and probably one of the least likely concept to be achieved in this lifetime. (Enough with my pessimism).

My mom ordered gifts online from a toy company, and this green laundry bag came with the box. At first, she thought it was the Peace Sign. My younger sister laughed at her silly observation, but then I realized that it is a peace sign. Not Peace On Earth, but Peace With Earth. And the fact that a company gave us a reusable recycling/laundry completely blew my mind. The very little snow we got this month is melting away and normally I’d be upset about a Green Christmas/Holiday season, but green might not be such a bad color after all.

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