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What We Need is A “Big Gay Musical”

December 24, 2010

I posted this on my tumblr page, and now I’m bringing it over here. “The Big Gay Musical” is a hilarious and yet, at some points, serious musical involving the views of Christianity on homosexuality, the acceptance of homosexuality, and the very serious trouble with HIV. The film premiered late in 2009 and recently popped up in my netflix suggestion list. I have watched it six times in the past week. I haven’t done that since I was twelve. I’ll say that I liked it more than I liked “Were The World Mine,” which, for me, is a big statement. Perhaps it could be because there were gorgeous men showcased in “The Big Gay Musical.” Or It could be because I have a huge crush on Jeff Metzler (David/Angel). If you watch the video below, he’s the one who apparently loves being Off Broadway 😉 and kindly tells one of the male leads to “Stop being a pussy about [being a slut].” Here is the trailer for The Big Gay Musical. Breeder’s Informational Book of Living Examples.

And meet Timothy Mandala (Bartender), one of about the only five straight men in this movie. Click on the Images to enlarge.

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