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I’ll Ask and Tell On My Own Terms

December 29, 2010

And there you have it. Say hello to freedom of expression. As of Wednesday, December 22, 2010 Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is done. Sure 60 days might be a long wait, but it sure as hell beats 17 years of fighting. I’ve been hearing on the news lately complaints about the 60-day wait. Nothing in government/politics ever changes immediately. We have to make sure that present issues are corrected and then prepare to fix any future issues. We have the Lame Duck period for elections. This period can be a shaky time, but changes will occur sooner than later.

If you watch the video above of Obama signing the repeal, he mentions a Special Operations war fighter who could be described as “he’s big, he’s mean. He kills lots of bad guys.” He goes on to say how no one cared that he was gay and uses that as a representation of the DADT situation.

It seems as though Santa came a little early this year for all of my Christmas-celebrating readers.

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