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Republican Party in Need of Gay Community’s Help?

January 7, 2011

For any of you email subscribers, you may have received an email about an article called  “How Gays Can Save the Republican Party.” It basically pointed out how a 12% increase in Republican votes came from the gay community and how Brett Edward Stout, the author, agreed that maybe that’s not a bad thing. Stout does not fail to acknowledge that the Republican Party has not appeared to be in great favor of the gay community, and he does not suggest we support them. Actually, he believes that if the gay community votes Republican, they can help change their backwards, bigoted views.

When I started reading this article, I felt a little uneasy. How could someone want to support a group of people who are against the very thing you are? I’m not saying that I have changed in favor of the Republicans, but I do now see Stout’s point. He later on states that this is about equality and that “without diversity we become caught in a simplistic ‘us versus them’ struggle.” I agree that we need to have both sides agree on equality and that educating the opposing party can aid in that action, but if we weaken our Democratic Party, we risk losing our voice. If the Republican Party is in need of the gay community’s help then maybe we should just let it die out and let the former right-handers join the liberal side. If you think about it, that should cause the same outcome: the majority of the people leaning on equality.

The Republican Party doesn’t need “saving;” we won’t suffer as a nation without them. If the Red Elephants become extinct, we know it won’t be long before the Blue Donkeys find their next opponent. We didn’t need to destroy the Republican Party for Racial and Women’s Equality, it should be able to manage Sexuality Equality (whether or not that’s a good thing, is another story).

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