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Defining Homophobia

January 29, 2011

I hate the word homophobia. Well of course I do. Whenever I use the were homophobia or homophobe or homophobic, I create imaginary air quotes in my head. I mean, my computer just marked “homophobe” as not a word. I mean it really is a word, but it shouldn’t be. Applying the suffix -phobia to the word makes it seem as though it were an actual fear. Claustrophobic people have trouble breathing in tight areas. Acrophobic (fear of heights) people pass out at high altitudes. Homophobic people, hate! They bully. They strip away rights. They kill.

When someone comes out to someone, it is a lot to process, but it is certainly not something that should cause violence. No one’s heart races when someone comes out to them. In fact, the person who came out should be the one with heart racing. Homosexuality should not be something we have to struggle with. No one struggles with being straight. But that’s because there isn’t heterophobia. How dare we have a fear of straight people! Bullying towards people who love the people they want to love…. now that’s just sick! It’s a good thing America has got its head on right.

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  1. March 19, 2011 8:33 am

    I agree. The use of the word phobia implies a fear of homosexuals. In some cases though, acts of hate are not caused by fear of the group, but by plain hatred and dislike. Needs a new word! 🙂

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